QoS Notes

Some personal notes about my on-going QoS studies, as already explained on earlier posts this notes will be updated all the time as I study deeper on the subject. QoS Models: 1) Integrated Services (IntServ) 2) Differentiated Services (DiffServ) IntServ is used on connection-oriented services, so that it requires states of all nodes along the … Continue reading QoS Notes

IPv6 notes

This topic will be updated with additional notes all the time.. - 128 bit hexadecimal address format. - 16bit every field. - 8 fields totally. - Global Unicast addresses (similar to ipv4 public addresses) - Link Local addresses (are used only between two connected routers, significant only on the same segment. Are also used for … Continue reading IPv6 notes

MPLS VPN notes

I use this personal notes for my own study purposes, this method using bullet-points is what makes me comfortable about the topics I study, but the same doesn't mean for you because everybody has his own method of studying. More notes about MPLS-VPN are to be pasted here... Three control plane protocols define the MPLS … Continue reading MPLS VPN notes