Attending Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando?

Happy to announce that this year I'll be delivering couple of LAB sessions at Cisco Live conference in Orlando, this time together with my colleagues Sunpreet Arora and Nikola Jovanovic we will be delivering the following sessions: Segment Routing LAB (LTRMPL-2202) - This is a 4 hours Instructor Led Lab. Segment Routing On-demand next-hop with … Continue reading Attending Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando?

Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing

I was given the opportunity to talk at PLNOG conference, beginning of March 2017. Considering the time constraints, I believe I was able to cover the SR-TE topic at least from high level point of view with some details underneath. How a PCE based Controller pushes instructions down to a network device (PCEP), and how a network device … Continue reading Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing

PBB EVPN – A new flexible L2VPN Service

Provider Backbone Bridging Ethernet VPN  (PBB-EVPN) is a new way of providing Layer 2 Services to enterprises, B2B customers, etc. I'm not going to drill down much on the theory part, as there's plenty of articles and blog posts out there. Instead, we are going to see more the implementation side of PBB-EVPN technology. Let's see … Continue reading PBB EVPN – A new flexible L2VPN Service

The fundamentals of Segment Routing

  Do we have to buy a new network equipment? Do we need to pay more on HW resources? How do I migrate my current network to Segment Routing based network? Can we use the current running L2/L3 services with the SR based network? What is the benefit of Segment Routing? These are some of … Continue reading The fundamentals of Segment Routing

CCIE, to be or not to be.

As a CCIE myself and working for a leading Vendor in the IT Industry, I have been into situations where the value of a CCIE has been questioned by various reasons, personal or non-personal. And that is quiet obvious considering the latest innovations in the Industry, the so called 'SDN era'. There are many reasons why … Continue reading CCIE, to be or not to be.

Segment Routing at PLNOG conference

Just found out the video has been published by the PLNOG conference organizer. There's still some room for improvement on my Public Speaking skills.

Cisco Live Berlin 2017

Happy to say that I'll be speaking at another, this time bigger Tech Conference, the Cisco Live. I will be participating at Cisco Live Berlin, February 2017, as a Technical Breakout session speaker, and the session is, 'Introduction to Segment Routing'. This new transport technology has been available for just a couple of years now, the best … Continue reading Cisco Live Berlin 2017