Access MongoDB database with Python

Databases are not my subject matter expertise, nor do I have any real experience with any of the SQL or non-SQL based database platforms. As I am putting more effort during my non-business hours into coding (Python), it is naturally beneficial to get some hands-on databases, the structure, and the way of storing and requesting … Continue reading Access MongoDB database with Python

SSH with Paramiko

Paramiko is a SSH module for Python, meaning it gives the developers the ability and same time the flexibility to write applications or scripts to connect to a device securely via SSH, and execute commands similar as if you were using your command line interface. Following we will come up with a very basic script … Continue reading SSH with Paramiko

Generate dummy static IP Prefixes with Python

This is my first but not last post on using some programming language to automate the way how I interact with a Cisco or non-Cisco network device. Imagine having hundreds or thousands devices making even a simple configuration change or gathering some piece of information, that’s quite a lot of time. Sometimes you might also … Continue reading Generate dummy static IP Prefixes with Python