A good start to begin a new YEAR!!!

Yap, as the title states that’s what I feel likewise, during the end of January I sat  the BGP exam and passed it with a good score eventhough the score isn’t that much important as is the exam experience by giving you the Idea how Cisco want’s you to know the content in details.

I felt that the simulation labs were an easy part but not the questions though, anyway it was a tough exam I’d say. What I used for this exam was:

1) Internet Routing Architectures by Sam Halabi.

2) Cisco online documentation about BGP (not all of it).

3) INE CCIP BGP bootcamp Videos.

4) GNS3 for Labs.


I gave myself enough time from now on to prepare for MPLS and QoS, eventually by the end of this year to get the CCIP cert. The good thing is that my fella (dreni) is also my way with the exams, so I have a learning partner where we discuss just about everything related to Networking.

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