Attending Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando?

Happy to announce that this year I’ll be delivering couple of LAB sessions at Cisco Live conference in Orlando, this time together with my colleagues Sunpreet Arora and Nikola Jovanovic we will be delivering the following sessions:

  1. Segment Routing LAB (LTRMPL-2202) – This is a 4 hours Instructor Led Lab.
  2. Segment Routing On-demand next-hop with SDN Controller (LABMPL-2010) – This is a Walk-in Self Paced Lab.
  3. Topology Independent LFA (LABMPL-2015) – This is a Walk-in Self Paced Lab.

Personally, I have been delivering Tech Sessions/Training in the past on different conferences, including Cisco Live in Europe. However, this year it will be my first time delivering at Cisco Live in US, and I’m quite happy about that.

If you are still looking to learn something new in the Service Provider world, than look no more, and join any of our Segment Routing sessions, as this is the future of the SP transport infrastructure technology.

Happy Learning 🙂


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