Transit AS with no full-mesh BGP

This time I will try to explain how to achieve passing the Transit traffic without affecting our internal domain of having all the externall routes, at least from the Control Plane point of view, because the Data Plane traffic however will pass through our internal devices. So, let's say our Autonomous System number is 10, … Continue reading Transit AS with no full-mesh BGP

QoS Notes

Some personal notes about my on-going QoS studies, as already explained on earlier posts this notes will be updated all the time as I study deeper on the subject. QoS Models: 1) Integrated Services (IntServ) 2) Differentiated Services (DiffServ) IntServ is used on connection-oriented services, so that it requires states of all nodes along the … Continue reading QoS Notes

Dynamic Multipoint VPN – DMVPN

Dynamic Multipoint VPN is a technique and answer to the huge increase of Enterprise or Corporations remote sites or branches connecting to the HQ offices while in the same time maintain low costs (no need to purchase MPLS VPN services or extra circuits from Service Providers), way easier administration of site's and faster deployment of … Continue reading Dynamic Multipoint VPN – DMVPN

IPv6 notes

This topic will be updated with additional notes all the time.. - 128 bit hexadecimal address format. - 16bit every field. - 8 fields totally. - Global Unicast addresses (similar to ipv4 public addresses) - Link Local addresses (are used only between two connected routers, significant only on the same segment. Are also used for … Continue reading IPv6 notes

MPLS VPN notes

I use this personal notes for my own study purposes, this method using bullet-points is what makes me comfortable about the topics I study, but the same doesn't mean for you because everybody has his own method of studying. More notes about MPLS-VPN are to be pasted here... Three control plane protocols define the MPLS … Continue reading MPLS VPN notes

CCIE R&S v5.0 Announced

As we were expecting, the CCIE R&S v5 was officialy announced this week by Cisco. For some this might sound like a hammer hit in the head, but looking from other perspective sooner or later this was expected, the old version 4 had a lot of discrepancy with the real world Networking. Following are the … Continue reading CCIE R&S v5.0 Announced

TCPdump a powerfull mechanism in Troubleshooting

Being involved in different kind of technologies nowadays is inevitable, especially when you work in Data Center’s, and when I say it, I mean Big Data Centers. Last week I was trying to figure out a problem that occurred to me in an environment inside a Data Center. Of course the first thing that I … Continue reading TCPdump a powerfull mechanism in Troubleshooting

T-shoot passed and officialy a CCNP

As you might see I passed the T-Shoot exam on August the 31 and I can proudly say that this exam leads me to a very well respected certification of Cisco, the CCNP. It's been a journey of at least 1 year and half since I began the studies and preparations for the CCNP, and … Continue reading T-shoot passed and officialy a CCNP

Friday the 13-th obviously a lucky day, at least for me..

I wouldn't consider it a non-lucky day, well jokes behind now and let's be serious. I passed the CCNP Switch 642-813 exam on Friday the 13-th eventhough since I made the schedule about 2 months before the exam date I even didn't thought it was the 13-th, what I was looking for was only a … Continue reading Friday the 13-th obviously a lucky day, at least for me..

CCIP retires the next months, and becomes CCNP SP

Good news (hopefully) to all Cisco folks by the announcement that the CCIP certification will be retired and Cisco will no longer issue new CCIP certifications beginning October 29, 2012. However according to Cisco all of them who are in the process of getting the CCIP or the one who already are CCIP's there is a migration … Continue reading CCIP retires the next months, and becomes CCNP SP