CCIE, to be or not to be.

As a CCIE myself and working for a leading Vendor in the IT Industry, I have been into situations where the value of a CCIE has been questioned by various reasons, personal or non-personal. And that is quiet obvious considering the latest innovations in the Industry, the so called 'SDN era'. There are many reasons why … Continue reading CCIE, to be or not to be.

Segment Routing at PLNOG conference

Just found out the video has been published by the PLNOG conference organizer. There's still some room for improvement on my Public Speaking skills.

Cisco Live Berlin 2017

Happy to say that I'll be speaking at another, this time bigger Tech Conference, the Cisco Live. I will be participating at Cisco Live Berlin, February 2017, as a Technical Breakout session speaker, and the session is, 'Introduction to Segment Routing'. This new transport technology has been available for just a couple of years now, the best … Continue reading Cisco Live Berlin 2017

SSH with Paramiko

Paramiko is a SSH module for Python, meaning it gives the developers the ability and same time the flexibility to write applications or scripts to connect to a device securely via SSH, and execute commands similar as if you were using your command line interface. Following we will come up with a very basic script … Continue reading SSH with Paramiko

Speaking at PLNOG

I have always considered that knowledge sharing is the best way to grow up professionally and create your brand. It's excited when you are given the chance to talk to the audience of professionals in the IT industry, the opportunity to chat to other people, socialize, learn something new as well as listen to the stories … Continue reading Speaking at PLNOG

The insights of Cloud based Services Platform

Network Function Virtualization is one of the hottest topics nowadays in the IT industry, based on different researches it’s said that it is expected that by the next couple of years the industry of SDN/NFV will become worth Billions. Seeing the trend, Cisco comes with the Cloud Service Platform 2100 to fulfill the market needs … Continue reading The insights of Cloud based Services Platform

Cisco CRS Multi Chassis

Lately I have been working on setting up a Cisco CRS (16 Slot) Multi Chassis 2+1 system for one of my customers (a leading Service Provider in EMEAR). The activities lasted roughly a week, full of activities and challenges at the same time. As you we already know the Cisco Carrier Routing System can be … Continue reading Cisco CRS Multi Chassis