Generate dummy static IP Prefixes with Python

This is my first but not last post on using some programming language to automate the way how I interact with a Cisco or non-Cisco network device. Imagine having hundreds or thousands devices making even a simple configuration change or gathering some piece of information, that’s quite a lot of time. Sometimes you might also … Continue reading Generate dummy static IP Prefixes with Python

Running CSR1000v on a VMware ESXi Hypervisor

Being able to use Cisco Cloud Services Router CSR1000v in a stable Hypervisor and Physical machine is a key to the performance and stability of the CSR1000v itself. This time I want to share my latest set-up of the Cisco Cloud Router using VMware ESXi 5.5 as a hypervisor. VMware ESXi is a free hypervisor, … Continue reading Running CSR1000v on a VMware ESXi Hypervisor

CSR1000v on GNS3

It has been quite some time since the Cisco’s Cloud Services Router CSR1000v was publicly released. CSR1000v is a virtual router or in other words it run’s the IOS software inside a Virtual Environment (in a Virtual Machine), and that’s not all because it can run the latest IOS XE software which is the successor … Continue reading CSR1000v on GNS3

Internal VLANs

All of us or most of us are aware of the famous VLAN types, the Standard and Extended VLAN’s, which to some extent makes sense. The Standard VLAN’s have a range starting from 1 up to 1005 including the last four VLAN’s in the same range for legacy technologies/protocols. In the other side the Extended … Continue reading Internal VLANs

Transit AS with no full-mesh BGP

This time I will try to explain how to achieve passing the Transit traffic without affecting our internal domain of having all the externall routes, at least from the Control Plane point of view, because the Data Plane traffic however will pass through our internal devices. So, let's say our Autonomous System number is 10, … Continue reading Transit AS with no full-mesh BGP

QoS Notes

Some personal notes about my on-going QoS studies, as already explained on earlier posts this notes will be updated all the time as I study deeper on the subject. QoS Models: 1) Integrated Services (IntServ) 2) Differentiated Services (DiffServ) IntServ is used on connection-oriented services, so that it requires states of all nodes along the … Continue reading QoS Notes